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As companies struggle with each other to try and beat the competition, many have decided that the most important factor in their business is the strength of their team. Like any football or rugby club, the unity of the team members is vital to the overall strength of the side, and in business that solidarity can mean the difference between winning clients and losing trade to other companies. The majority of management groups within corporations realize that their teams need to be trained to help each other, and appreciate different skills and different styles as just as important as their own.

Amazing Race Team Event 75One of the ways in which companies can improve their worker’s unity is through team building activities. This has become a very popular way to train your team, and also bring a little bit of fun into their lives. Team events can also play a crucial role in the workers bonding as a team, rather than simply operating as a collection of individuals. Some of these events take place over a short time, such as an afternoon, while more serious team building efforts can require the company to stay for a whole week.

The length of time chosen to participate in the team building activities can also determine what kind of initiatives you have to take part in. Most of these will involve problem solving of one kind or another, but you may be expected to cross over a certain section of land without touching the ground, and using only basic resources (this game is often called Toxic Swamp). You might also be expected to get into a building which is well defended, and competing against other teams. Both of these team events require careful strategy and clear thinking, often finding solutions that would not occur to other groups. This can create a feeling of unity within the team.

Other team building activities may require more physical teamwork, such as crossing over water in a self-constructed raft, or carrying one of the team over a ‘minefield’ and other obstacles. These carrying and construction ones require that the team unite to finish the task, often demanding that the members of the team trust each other and talk one another through these situations.

When you are looking at team events, it is important to choose ones which can bring out the best in your workers. So for example if your team works together but never has any creative development, then you may find that certain activities will help you more than others. By deciding what tactics you need, you can help to mould your team into the perfect workforce.