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The Amazing Race Fun Guarantee

Great customer service starts with trusting your service provider.  We want to ensure your Amazing Race experience with Team Bonding exceeds all expectations.

So, we’ve committed to a “fun guarantee” to do all that is within our power to provide you with an Amazing Race that exceeds your expectations.

  • Our team members will treat your team with respect, care and concern.
  • We will be courteous and direct you with friendly good humour.
  • Where anyone needs special attention we will manage that with grace and discretion.
  • If our service or the event does not satisfy you and your team, we will refund your money.

Note:  Sometimes events are impacted by factors outside our control; including bad weather, major events blocking checkpoints and requiring us to alter our route, illness, injury, equipment failures, traffic delays, breakdowns, directions from city authorities and security shutdowns. We always have back ups and alternatives in place, but should unforeseen things affect your event we are committed to figuring out solutions and going the extra yard to manage a difficult situation.


How do we establish that your group are satisfied?

For events without external factors impacting them, we will administer this 5 second tick box test upon arrival at the finish venue

How did you find the event today? (Please write your first name and tick)

First Name Poor OK Good Great
 1  2  3  4

Should more than 50% of your group rate the event as “poor” or just “OK”, we will refund your money without hesitation.

Please call us on 9949 2989 to discuss the guarantee.