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Cockle Bay Course Information

You are invited to participate in Sydney Amazing Race – in this case the focus is on fun and teamwork rather than intimidation and crazy competition.  Thousands of other people of all ages and capabilities have really enjoyed this event and I’m sure you will too.

What to expect

This will be an enjoyable event to bond with your team mates. It includes just over an hour of walking, regularly punctuated by short activities, lots of fun and laughter and some surprises. The facilitators keep the event casual and make sure no one is pushed too hard, physically or otherwise.

Thousands of other teams have loved the event and I’m sure that you will too. The total time will be a shade over 2.5 hours, generally finishing with a drink and sometimes food (you will be directed to the finishing venue that has been chosen as part of the event).

Physical requirements

First and foremost it is a fun event, anyone of average fitness will enjoy the activity as it is not particularly physically challenging. Whilst many teams choose to walk briskly, there are breaks from physical activity in shady spots when tasks are being completed. If you would enjoy going for a walk on a Sunday you can easily complete this Race, plus there is the option for anyone pregnant or recovering from a serious injury to be involved as they can generally skip a short section and take a shortcut to reduce the walking distance, or you can rest for longer periods. (You must let the facilitators know if you plan to take this option).

Clothing and footwear

Casual or smart casual clothes are best, some people wear workout gear. Footwear is important and we do recommend trainers (especially for the ladies – as flat shoes can be uncomfortable for walking). We are not able to carry anything on your behalf, so please avoid bringing bags, especially laptops or even handbags if possible (light backpacks are best if you do have things to carry). Also, please bring your own bottle of water. However, if you forget water, it is not life threatening as most of the courses have places to get a drink from bubblers.

Directions to the meeting point for the start of the race

The meeting point is the area just to the right on the ICC building (as you face it).  It is on the left side of Planar restaurant.  It is a paved area which is slightly tucked away.   See the red star in the picture below .

We generally wear blue shirts so we are easy to spot, if you are early, please wait and we’ll be there shortly we rarely get to the start with much time to spare