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In the business environment, change is a natural and basic process. This is especially true today, as the global workplace becomes even more complex and challenging. In a world where things are fast-shifting, constant change is the new normal.

Sydney Amazing Race Water Taxis 10But this does not mean that is has become easier or more acceptable. People are often resistant to anything that shakes the status quo, and for your employees, the possibility of change can bring out feelings of fear, insecurity, apprehension and worry. How do you help them cope? How do you lay down the tracks of easier change management that will allow your organisation to transform, bloom and grow for the benefit of everyone?

Successful business leaders know that organisations with a positive, inspired and supportive culture are the ones most equipped not just to handle change, but to make it work to their favour. A happy team has a strong spirit and rapport, which makes them stronger and smarter when it comes to facing the unfamiliar. When team members have strong personal connections with one another, they will have the confidence to tackle challenges and head out to new territories.

Maintaining positivity during change enables organisations to:

Pave the way for effective communications. When people are open and willing to listen, leaders can successfully help them understand why change needs to happen. In the same way, positive leaders also actively listen to employees as they talk about difficulties or even make suggestions that may improve the situation.

Take advantage of the chance to train and prepare. Change creates a need and an opportunity to upgrade your skills or acquire new ones. Instead of wallowing in anxiety, positive teams know how to make the most of the situation by looking into the experience as a chance to learn, update policies, correct mistakes, establish new roles or improve systems at work.

Renew and restrengthen commitments. Surviving and thriving amidst change takes collective effort and commitment, and the experience can be valuable, enriching and rewarding for everyone. When a team goes through – and survives – difficulties together, it’s a great reason to celebrate!

There are many ways you can promote and nurture positivity in your team. You can invest in team bonding activities that are especially designed to help employees establish cooperation and harmony that are essential in building good working relationships. Fun team events, such as artwork making, cooking lessons, circus skills training and outdoor activities can leave people feeling reenergised, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that come with any type of transition.