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Please note we are not affiliated with these venues nor do we accept any payment from them. Other clients have been happy with these venues and we provide this information to make booking your wrap up function simple.

Pyrmont and Darling Harbour Venues

Whirly Bird Pyrmont

Excellent open plan boutique pub style venue that would be great for bonding.

Location: Union Street, Pyrmont

Function manager is Ant – phone 9660 7134 



Watershed Hotel

Located closest to the final checkpoint in Darling Harbour the Watershed are good about reserving areas and has very obliging and helpful staff. Groups of 35+ can ask for the ground level tables on the right which is a great spot

Price: City pub prices

Phone: 9282 9444

See Website Here

Pyrmont Bridge Hotel

A number of great spaces in a characterful pub, ask for a “roped off” area. Includes a great outdoor terrace, so perhaps ask for a space there

Price: City Pub Prices

Location: Just behind Darling Harbour.

Phone: 9660 6996

See Website Here

Another good choice is the Pyrmont Point Hotel. We do not recommend venues in Star Casino

For food in Darling Harbour, try Cyren or the Hard Rock Cafe

Cockle Bay Venues

cafe del mar cockle bay

Cafe Del Mar

Located upstairs in Cockle Bay with a great view this is close to the end point of the event.

A large and professionally run venue, that is slightly more upmarket. Good about booking separate areas and good function managers.

Phone: (02) 9241 3522
Find the Website Here

tokio bar

Tokio Bar

Located in Cockle Bay this is close to the end point of the event.

Located in the same area as Home nightclub, there is a bar area suitable for groups up to 60 people. Plus a very large function area upstairs

Phone: Tokio Hotel: 02 9266 0600 (ask for bar manager or functions)

Find the Website Here

helm bar

Helm Bar

Located near the Pyrmont Bridge this
is close to the end point of the event.

This venue is near the Maritime Museum and is bright and sunny, sitting above the bustle. There is an area at the end of the bar that suits groups up to 50 people (they will say 70 but it is too cramped)

Phone: 9290 1571

Find the Website Here

 shelbourne top bar

The Shelbourne Hotel

Maximum 60 in an interesting room with large windows, bar and balconies (must request the upstairs bar as a private area)

Price: Medium

Location: City – Sussex Street

Phone: 9267 3100

Website: Shelbourne Functions

cargo bar

Cargo Bar (King Street Wharf)

Located past the Maritime Museum on King Street Wharf

With a lot of different areas and spaces, many clients appreciate the professionalism of the Cargo Bar.

Phone: 9262 1777

Find the Website Here

Cockle Bay not recommended; venues north of the Cargo Bar (including Bungalow 8) add nearly 10 minutes of additional walking time. The Blackbird cafe is very cramped and noisy.