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About the Amazing Race

Our Amazing Race was loosely inspired by the popular TV show, but turned into a team event.  It is best described as an on foot scavenger hunt punctuated regularly with engaging tasks that explore all aspects of teamwork.

We replaced the harsh and intimidating challenges of the TV show with fun, inclusive activities, which have just a hint of challenge.  It will test your team’s approach to planning, creativity, ingenuity, trust and teamwork.  Because no one person in the team can be good at everything, you’ll need to work together to deliver the tasks.   There are lasting benefits with genuine rapport, but is also heaps of fun in the moment.  (I think the pics all over our website show this best).                        






Key Facts:

  • Suits groups from 10 to 90 and larger groups on some courses.
    (Please enquire about larger numbers, the largest group we have done is 270 people simultaneously on 2 city courses ).
  • The event is around 2.5 hours.  We can add or subtract 20 minutes to fit your timing
  • We have 9 Courses (see table below) 5 in the city and 4 in the suburbs.  Generally teams meet us at the start point, but we can also meet you at another location and escort your group if required.
  • We can run events 7 days a week.
  • We can start anytime from 10am to 2.30pm in winter or 3.30pm in summer, to be finished before dark.
  • You compete in sub teams of 6 – 8 people.  We recommend that you group people who don’t work together all the time, and they will be friends for life as a result.
  • We set a pace in consultation with your team and make sure no one overdoes it.   The walking distance is around 3kms, frequently punctuated by activities.  We can cater for people with disabilities, minor injuries or pregnancy with short cuts and rests.
  • The best bit?  Finding the ideal casual pub so you can compare experiences.  (Chatter is always loud).  We know all the great venues and can direct you.  (We’ll suggest venues when you enquire).

We’ve been running the event since 2006.  It has been enjoyed by over 1,700 teams and 50,000 individuals.

Feedback is exceptional, clients regularly tell us that they talked about their Amazing Race for months.  They happily recommend us to other colleagues, so we know this team building activity hits just the right note.   You can check out our testimonials, and if you are from a large organisation, chances are we’ve worked with you before and will provide internal references.

Watch Our Amazing Race Trailer Here…

Is the Amazing Race for Your Team?

The Amazing Race is often called the great “all rounder” of team
events, and for good reason, but is it for you?

  • You want to do something simple and fun, that is specifically
    designed for even the most diverse groups to enjoy
  • You’d like to get outdoors and do something totally different
    from your day to day activities
  • Team members are able to walk around 3 km’s at a pace that works for them.
  • Team members would enjoy a broad variety of treasure hunt style tasks, each with just a hint of challenge, but no difficult or humiliating tasks
  • Team members are up for a laugh
  • Total group size is between 10 and 140

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Sydney’s Best Priced City Race Event

From $1,950 + gst for 21-25 participants

Includes 2 – 5 friendly, professional facilitators, logistics, planning, equipment (including digital cameras and lanyards to identify teams), and small trophy for each member of the winning team.  We upload your photos to Dropbox to share after the event.


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Do You Have Questions?

Can I choose the start and finish point?

Whilst we only operate in the suburbs where we have existing courses, there is some latitude, particularly with respect to finish points. We tend to avoid adding more than 10 – 12 minutes extra walk on the beginning or end of the race, because of fatigue.   Please call us on 9949 2989 to discuss your requirements, we are more than happy to adapt where possible.   There are ways and means and we know all the tricks.

Can I customise the event to suit our team?

Every team is unique, so in most cases we already tweak our format to personalise your event.  We need to stay within the basic structure (we rarely create whole new events) but we can add specific messages, choose activities that work with a theme or emphasise your values.  Some teams have certain activities in mind and occasionally create their own quiz style activity to include.  If you have ideas please call to discuss. You may end up with the best of both worlds; our great value, proven courses and popular activities combine with your own themes and ideas.  Call on 9949 2989 to discuss your ideas.

Can I make the event work in a short time frame?

We can shave around 20 minutes off the Amazing Race to make it a 2 hour event on most courses.   If you are looking for under 2 hours we have a similar event which is creative event, with some problem solving tasks.  Called Paparazzi, this simple, creative, fun event runs from 75 – 100 minutes and is loosely based around photography.

Read more about Paparazzi here

What is the smallest and largest group you can manage?

We have run the event with as few as 8 people in the past, but recommend 10  (in 2 groups of 5) as the minimum.  Our small group bracket allows for up to 20 people, and we have had instances where teams joined forces with another department to make the event more competitive.

The upper limit for most courses is 90 people in 11 teams.  There are several courses where we can manage larger groups; especially the Botanic Gardens, Parramatta and Cockle Bay.  In the Botanic Gardens we can run simultaneous events which takes us up to 200 people on a single event, (it feels like a single event for your group because you converge in one venue, but logistically we managed the group with different leaders and teams).

On one memorable day we hosted 270 people from Acconia on 3 courses (2 teams in the Botanic Gardens and one in the Rocks) and they all finished for a great function at the Paragon.  Please call us to discuss your needs and we’ll figure out what could work for your group.

Birthday Parties

We do work with private individuals on the weekend for Birthday Parties and Hen’s Days.  We have a few policies, but the event itself is brilliant for groups of friends and family.

Please see here for more details.

Added Options

We can add activities to the Amazing Race, please call us on 9949 2989 to discuss your ideas.  If you have budget for a “fancier” event, the best possible addition on some courses is water taxis.

This way, you take a couple of checkpoints and some of the questions onto the water and get an interactive harbour tour into the bargain.  This takes our event to the next level of “unforgettability”, so check it out.

Is it Like the TV Show?

Our Amazing Race is only loosely based on the TV show.  Rather than pairs, we compete in small groups and all team members are required for each task (“standing aside” is not conducive to bonding).   Rather than difficult and intimidating, our challenges are fun and creative. What is similar is the format,  we do move around the checkpoints and determine what happens next with clues.  Once at the checkpoint the whole team must complete all tasks before getting their new clue and moving on.


Some courses (Botanic Gardens, Coogee, Manly, Cockle Bay) are suitable for wheelchair users.  We have included in the past vision impaired participants (with assistance), hearing impaired, intellectually disable, people with back, knee and ankle injuries and advanced pregnancy.  We work with you to ensure all team members feel included and those that need a little special attention do not affect the enjoyment and outcome for their team.

Are you Insured?

Yes, we have public liability cover of $10 million via Sports Cover.

What Happens if it Rains?

Our outdoor activities are certainly favourites with our clients and weather is a shared risk.  For all events we have an alternative indoor activity prepared and ready to go.

In most cases with light rain / showers or extreme heat we go ahead Race as planned with some concessions for comfort. From time to time teams do complete the Race wearing rain ponchos and really enjoy it.

We routinely do a weather check 48 hours prior to the event and if the forecast is unfavourable we will consult.  There are 2 options; a) go ahead in “stand by mode” or b) postpone to an alternative date without penalty.

What are your Risk Management Practices?

See this link