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Coogee Beach Amazing Race

For folks in the East, we have a spectacular course at the gorgeous Coogee Beach.

Originally designed for a teams in conference at the Crowne Plaza Coogee, it is now super popular with any team east or south of Sydney.  Coogee is easy to get to, with plentiful parking and great venues for the finishing presentation.

There are no bad angles in Coogee, so we focus on the beach and the foreshore walk between 2 superb headland parks. No team completing the Coogee course will forget it, it is simply superb.

This course includes the poignant Bali Memorial, Grant Park and Dunningham Reserve. The photos at right show it all, this brilliant course has become a classic, with most teams grabbing drinks at the beautifully renovated Pavilion.

When you enquire, we email you with all the logistic details and help with suggestions of the best finish points.

Didn’t watch the video earlier?  Watch it now

How does the event run?

  • Once we’ve all met at the start point we sort you into your sub teams of 6-8 people.
  • The event starts with some fun warm up exercises followed by a simple briefing
  • You head off from the start point with a folder, map, clue and contact information.
  • At each checkpoint you’re given some tasks with clear instructions and time guides. Once complete you’re handed your next clue or activity and the race continues.
  • Activities:  The activities are creative and engaging, with just a hint of challenge.
  • Have a look at this link to get a sense of the types of activities that teams complete. We’ll ask you a bit about your team and choose activities to suit.
  • The event winds up with the most popular activity, the “photo essay” challenge.
  • Virtually all the photos on this website were taken by the teams on this task. They look happy don’t they? They certainly were … and we have 200,000 more photos just like the ones you see here and in the gallery.
  • Most teams wind down in a casual pub while we tally the scores. We give a brief presentation to acknowledge all teams and then announce the winners.

Timing:  The total time for an event is generally around 2.5 hours, which can be increased or shortened by around 20 minutes.  Some larger groups need to allow a little extra time.

Physical Exertion:  Can be adapted to suit your team, we don’t encourage running and ensure all participants are not overtaxing themselves.  Anyone fit enough for a brisk walk can enjoy the event.

Our Promise:  We make things easy for you as the organiser and guide you through each step. Once the group gets to the start you will be able to enjoy the event was one of the crowd, plus you’ll be sincerely thanked by everyone who attends

If you have more specific questions about the event, give us a call on 02 9949 2989 or read more about the nitty gritty logistics here.

It is a simple event, though universally enjoyed, even by those with low expectations  🙂    Please join us on the spectacular Coogee Beach Course


Dear Jane,

On behalf of all the staff of HUG-A-BUB I would like to thank you, Fran and Damon for a fantastic fun-filled morning yesterday.

Everything was well organised and ran so smoothly.

The games and activities proved to be a big hit and more importantly the staff enjoyed themselves – so thank you!!

We look forward to seeing the photos.

Kind regards,  Lesley

Lesley Shneier

Sydney’s Best Priced City Race Event

From $1,850 + gst for 21-25 participants

Includes 2 – 5 friendly, professional facilitators, logistics, planning, equipment (including digital cameras and lanyards to identify teams), and small trophy for each member of the winning team.  We upload your photos to Dropbox to share after the event.


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Group Size 16 – 120
Duration Around 2.5 Hours
Price From: From $1,500 + gst
Summer Weekdays from 10am to 3.30pm
Winter Weekdays from 10am to 2.30pm